Three years in the evolution of a real estate agent

About three years ago, I started full-time as a real estate agent, all gung-ho and full of excitement. I’m still excited about my career choice. I have, however, noticed a slight change in the way I respond to certain things. Below are just a few examples of what I mean.

  Three Years Ago Today
Getting an Accepted Offer “OMG, I just got my first accepted offer!  Buy the wine!  Time to celebrate!” “We’re not through inspection, contract, mortgage or appraisal process yet. This is just step one. Here’s a list of inspectors; get going!”


Having a Closing “OMG, I just had my first closing!  Let’s go out to dinner! The treat is on me….  Hurray! Hurray!” “Oh no, I only have two more deals in progress and need more business asap — no time to celebrate — off to prospect”


“Hey, how many square feet in an acre?” “Great question! I’m not sure, but will find out and get right back to you!”


Getting a client phone call during dinner


“Oh my, a phone call! This might be incredibly important! I’ll be right back after I take care of business”


“They will just have to wait till after Jeopardy.” 

(*note: I am very responsive to all calls except between 6-7:30pm!).

Finding an animal in a house I’m showing


“OMG, I almost just stepped on a dead squirrel in the middle of the floor – I’m scarred for life!!”


“Ehhh, it’s just a squirrel, let me get a shovel and get rid of it.”

It’s amazing how much can happen in a few years.  In all seriousness, I’ve learned more than I could have imagined when I first started in this business. I’ve developed ways to stay organized and learned the importance of keeping my prospect bucket full. I’ve dealt with wonderful professionals as well as people I hope I don’t have to work with again. I’ve made friends and helped people realize their dreams. I’ve become proficient with the negotiation and inspection processes, contract issues, and mortgage and appraisal activities. I’ve dealt with keys that fell into several feet of snow, and doors that simply would not open, and dead animals, and cats that flew out the door and ran away, and people that never showed up. Every day is a new experience that teaches me something else.

Bottom line, I am having a great time experiencing life as a real estate professional and I can’t wait to see what new things the future brings!


Originally published on ActiveRain.


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