How hard could it be to open a door?

Some people think that all real estate agents do is to open a few doors, sell a house, get a check. Isn’t the life of a real estate agent cushy and easy-peasy? Um no, but this post isn’t going to detail all the things agents do to get a buyer from desire to ownership, but instead is a quick post about the supposedly easiest part of our jobs — opening the doors.

broken keyYesterday was another gorgeous Fall day, and my buyers and I were out looking at homes. We got to the one that was most interesting to them, and I went up to the front door, opened the electronic box, turned the key holder upside down as I usually do, and realized the key did not feel right. I looked down and I saw two pieces. 

As you can see from the picture, not only is the key broken in two pieces, but it’s missing a piece. Could we use this somehow to get the front door open? No, we definitely can’t. So I called the listing agent, and she called the seller, determined he wasn’t in the area and couldn’t get us another key, so we were out of luck and couldn’t see this specific house this specific day. 

Which brings me to my point. In order for buyers to be able to see a house, and potentially fall in love and place an offer and wind up buying it, they have GOT to have access to the home!  There needs to either be a brand new shiny strong sturdy key in the lockbox, or a combination access code on the front door, or some other way to get in. There should also be some sort of backup since people do forget to put the key back, or break it, or lose it, or lock it in the house, or the doorknob lock doesn’t work right, or the keyhole gets ice in it in the winter and freezes or the key falls in the snow and can’t be located or the lockbox gets jammed and won’t open (all true stories). If the agent had another key or a neighbor had a spare or there was some other plan B for access, we would have been able to get in, my clients might have fallen in love, and the house could have been sold.  

How hard could it be to open a door?  As it turns out, sometimes it is impossible.


Originally posted in ActiveRain.


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