Columbia County NY Fall scenery and a fear of heights

I could have named this post, “The things I’ll do for a post” but thought Columbia County NY Fall scenery and a fear of heights was a bit more descriptive so here it goes.

fire towerHeights and I have never been friends, but I’ve been working on improving our relationship. There is a fire tower near my home that I’ve been practicing on, and on a recent trip into Columbia County I found another fire tower. The second one is in a place that doesn’t seem to be too well known so I’m going to keep the exact location a secret — but here’s a picture of the tower under discussion.

On the ride to the location, I told myself I just HAD to get near the top and hang out up there long enough to take some pictures, because I just HAD to write a post about the gorgeous Autumn colors our state.  

So when I got to the secret location, I took a deep breath, and just marched right on up. I made it to the second to the last platform and looked out at the 360 degrees of beauty. When people think of New York, most automatically think of New York City with the crowded streets and sidewalks, blaring horns, car exhaust, Broadway shows, restaurants and more. But that’s such a small part of the state. Most of New York is green and hilly or mountainous, with lakes and rivers. And there is simply no better time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us than during the Fall.  Please enjoy the pictures I was able to get while perched on my high platform above the forest….

from top of tower 1

top of tower view part 2 fire tower with phone


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