November 2015 Real Estate Results: Monroe NY 10950

As seen below, the November 2015 real estate results for Monroe, NY are now available.


Monroe NY Jan-Nov 2015
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So what’s been going on with 2015 Monroe NY real estate? Have we seen price increases? Decreases?


As can be seen above, with the exception of a few second quarter dips, median prices in Monroe have remained in the $250K and above range. That being said, when comparing overall 2015 prices to 2014 prices, this year has seen a decrease in prices. The average year-to-date sale price in 2014 through November was $295K, while in 2015 the average is around $281K. So for house sellers, that’s not great news. Please note that the most recent months above could be a little misleading; the chart shows that October and November are both quite a bit lower than the preceding four months which could signal a downward trend. However, this is the same trending we saw in 2014. In fact, the November 2015 median price is actually slightly higher than the same time last year. So don’t worry too much about the year-end dip in prices; it seems to be part of our normal cycle.


Regarding sales volume, this year has seen ~7% more Monroe NY homes sold than in 2014. Sales do typically slow down after the summer is over, so the above dip in October and November is normal.  Even with the dip in sales in the last few months, available inventory has been decreasing, with 136 active listings now, down from 150 in September.


So the bottom line is that prices in Monroe NY have decreased somewhat and volume has increased. Hopefully as inventory continues to decline, prices will move up. In the meantime, if you want more information about Monroe or any other Orange County area, just call me on 914-419-0270 or email me at





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