Santa Kat has delivered her goodies…

A few years ago, I thought homemade Christmas cookies would be a wonderful gift to provide to those people who trusted me with their transaction during the past year – a thank you for their trust. So yesterday was baking day, and today was delivery day.


2015 cookie festivities.jpgI left the house at 10am and returned five hours later after covering 94 miles of Orange County roads, making Santa stops in Blooming Grove, New Windsor, Newburgh, Walden, Florida (NY), Warwick and Monroe. If someone wasn’t home, I left the cookie box in a plastic bag and hid it from today’s pouring rain, and sent a quick text to the person so they would know they were there. If they were at the house when I arrived, I said a quick hello, a Merry Christmas, and moved on and out. Smiles abounded, happy faces responded to my text messages, and I bet at some time tonight, tummies will be content.


The cookie delivery has actually turned into quite a “thing,” with some clients who aren’t quite ready to buy, or who haven’t closed yet, wondering if they can get a pre-closing box, or a consolation prize of sorts. I’m still considering that one, but what I can say is that the hours of baking and decorating yesterday, and the additional hours making personal deliveries today have finally put me in the Christmas spirit!


And with that, there is nothing more to say but “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”



Originally published in ActiveRain.


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