What one word means “home” to you?

I just spent the past weekend visiting family in another state. I had a wonderful time but as always when I walked in the door to my house, I was happy to be home. And I started thinking of all my home means to me, which led me to write this post.


So what is the one word that means “home” to you? My word is comfortable, and not comfortable as in the temperature is hot enough or cool enough, but comfortable as in “enjoyable.” Here’s what I mean.


I had everything I needed while on my mini-vacation. I brought enough clothing, health and beauty aids with me, and I had plenty of food and drink, so physically I was comfortable enough. But that kind of comfort didn’t make me feel as though I was “home.”


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.47.18 AMI had the same items in my hands when I walked back into my house. And the first thing I did was to put everything back in its place. And that’s what makes it my home, and makes it comfortable to me. Everything has its place. If I want to comb my hair, or eat an apple, or wear my black jeans, I know where all those things are. I know the photos I took when my children were small are on the third shelf down in the back of the closet. I know when I decide to have pizza for dinner where I will find the yeast and flour and the correct bowls. I know where the sharp knives are and I know I have two onions left. I know where the recipes are and I know that if I sit in the recliner chair in my bedroom in the afternoon, the sun will beat on my shoulders. 


So I brought all my possessions into my house, and put them all away and enjoyed the rest of the evening in my home, where I am comfortable and can be at ease in my day-to-day living.


Comfortable is the one word that describes what makes my house a home. What is the one word that describes your home?


Originally published in ActiveRain.



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