Congratulations to my clients on their same-day sale and purchase!


I was incredibly lucky to work with a wonderful family this past year. They wanted to move from their three bedroom ranch in Middletown, NY to a larger home in the Goshen, NY area. Once they were truly ready to put their home on the market and search for a new home in earnest, we zoomed into action!

GetMedia.ashxFirst, we put their Middletown NY home on the market. These clients were truly the perfect sellers! We discussed pricing strategies together and came up with a workable plan. On a regular basis, we would discuss what was happening in the market place, and they listened and adjusted as needed. When buyers wanted to see their home, the sellers were accommodating with their schedule and would leave their home in perfect show-ready condition. Not only would everything be clean and in its place, but they’d leave the right lights on, and have electronic candles flickering warmly. The temperature was always exactly right. When offers came in, they rationally analyzed them, and responded quickly and thoroughly. The inspection, appraisal, and walkthrough appointments all went like a charm, and yesterday, they said goodbye to their old home.

At the same time, of course, they were looking for new homes. The challenge with this kind of situation is timing everything so the sellers won’t be homeless. Often, sellers will need to spend time between selling their first home and buying their new home in some alternate location (whether it’s a rental home, a hotel, a friend’s house, with family) and in this particular instance, this wonderful family did not want to do that. They wanted to sell their home and immediately buy their new one.

FullSizeRenderSo as soon as they had a buyer for their existing home, we went back to their top few picks for their future home, and they selected the one they wanted. We negotiated a deal, and with the cooperation of all three parties (both sellers and the first buyer), were able to plan a strategy to get both deals done within a 24 hour period. After some last minute permit and bank issues were resolved, we were able to improve on the original hope of a 24 hour window, and ended up with both closings happening successfully within a few hours of each other on the same day!

So right now these fabulous clients are puttering around their new home, setting up furniture and putting items away. I am thrilled I was not only able to work with them, but can now count them as friends, and look forward to future get-togethers.

If you would like my assistance with selling or buying a home in the Monroe NY area, I’d be happy to assist you! All you need to do is contact me on 914-419-0270 or at !


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