April 2016 Real Estate Results: Monroe NY 10950

As seen below, the real estate results for Monroe, NY are now available for the April 2016 period.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.50.05 PM

The median sales price in April 2016 decreased about 10% from March. Compared to 2015, though, sales prices were about 13% higher. While April results may be disappointing to those looking for a continued increase in sales prices, there is an explanation for the lower results. 25% of all Monroe NY sales in April were depressed properties, split evenly between foreclosures and short sales. There were also several small two-bedroom ranch homes that sold at the bottom end of the market. While not short sales, they did also contribute to the lower results.


Regarding sales volume, sales volume remains healthy in the Monroe NY area, with nearly 80% more sales in April than in March. Spring sellers also jumped into the housing market in April, with the March inventory of 115 single family homes jumping to 145 currently available.


If you want more information about Monroe or any other Orange County area, feel free to call me on 914-419-0270 or email me at kat@thehousekat.com



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