“Happy” Memorial Day? I think not.

I’ve seen several well-meaning posts recently that wish us all a Happy Memorial Day. Memorial Day is an American holiday, this year to be celebrated on May 30th, that honors those men and women who have died in the military while serving our country.

P1020621Although the holiday has come to mean for many a day of parties, barbecues, beaches and shopping bargains, it is in fact a day that is supposed to focus in some way on the people whose deaths allow us to live our lives so freely.

So while the men and woman who gave up their lives for us, the lives they were living at the time and the future lives they never were able to live, were brave, strong, honorable, heroic and memorable, there is nothing happy about their deaths.

At a minimum, all of us who have benefited from their sacrifice should take a few moments on Monday to bow our heads and send a thankful thought across the expanse of time and worlds to all those who have lost their lives for us. Perhaps a few minutes of silence prior to eating at our barbecues or perhaps an hour or two attending a service in our towns. Whatever we choose to do, let’s not forget why we have this solemn day of honor.





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