Another real estate role – entomology

Real estate professionals have many roles, including appointment scheduler, contract guide, process explainer, house preparer, open house director, map reader, data analyst, negotiation guru, and on and on. I can now add a new function, that of an entomologist! An entomologist is one who studies bugs, and yesterday, I had to demonstrate my skill (or lack thereof).

I was showing a multi-family house, and my client opened the door to an outside storage area. And with my first glance inside, I said, “EWWWW,” followed by, “GASP, Oh my, look at those spiders!” There were large black spiders ALL OVER that room – on the ceilings, the walls, the floors. I had a major heeby-jeeby moment; this was the stuff of nightmares.

My client agreed and we started slowly backing away and swinging the door shut with fingertips, until we looked a little closer. Phew! We found they were not spiders at all, but tons of crickets. I think you can see from these pictures, that they can look very similar at first glance.

So I failed at my first major entomology project, but you can bet the next time, I’ll know the difference. But I can also say, I’m staying out of any room that has more than one bug. I have my limits.





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