June 2016 Real Estate Results: Monroe NY 10950

As seen below, the real estate results for Monroe, NY are now available for the June 2016 period.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 6.46.32 AM

The median sales price in June 2016 was 2% over the previous month of April, but lower than the same time last year. Sales prices in 2016 have been moving upward and June is no exception, which is good news for sellers and remains impetus for hesitating buyers to get moving.

Regarding sales volume, sales volume remains healthy in the Monroe NY area, with 25 sales in June, a nearly 40% jump over May. Inventory has decreased from 145 at the end of April to 124 as of July 1st. Days on market in June were 113, the lowest so far this year, which indicates homes are taking less time to sell.

If you want more information about Monroe or any other Orange County area, feel free to call me on 914-419-0270 or email me at kat@thehousekat.com


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