Smith Farm, Monroe NY: Future new development

Work has started to clear the ground for a new development of homes in Monroe NY! The Smith Farm property, 78 acres located off of Gilbert Street, will be the site of new homes. See my post below for more information.

Source: Smith Farm, Monroe NY: Future new development


For Sale: 11 Valley Trail, Monroe NY 10950

A wonderfully maintained and beautiful three bedroom home is now for sale in the Monroe area for only $229K!  See the link below for more information, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Source: For Sale: 11 Valley Trail, Monroe NY 10950

Congratulations to my clients on their same-day sale and purchase!


I was incredibly lucky to work with a wonderful family this past year. They wanted to move from their three bedroom ranch in Middletown, NY to a larger home in the Goshen, NY area. Once they were truly ready to put their home on the market and search for a new home in earnest, we zoomed into action! Continue reading

A tale of a day in the life of a real estate agent…

Once upon a time in a land far away, Bobby the Buyer was interested in purchasing an investment rental property. He saw a multi-family building that was listed online with no pictures other than an outside shot, and he decided to contact a local real estate agent to see if he could get more information. Continue reading

Warmth is relative — in life and real estate

Warmth is relative!

The other day I was walking our dog and the temperatures were in the single digits with a frigid wind blowing.  I hurried Halo along as my face was seriously freezing and my nose was numb but Halo loves the cold and was bouncing around, investigating and sniffing everything in sight.  I eventually opened the door of the house and Halo and I went inside, and the house temperature of 66 degrees felt balmy. My coat and hat and gloves and sweater came off, and I settled down to work.  The funny thing is, within a half hour, I was freezing. Continue reading