Why appointments need to be planned

I received a call at 7:30pm the other night from a lady I had spoken to a few times on the phone but hadn’t met yet. She was standing in front of a vacant and foreclosed home with a relative, and they needed to see the house RIGHT NOW.  I attempted to get them to agree to set up an appointment during one of the following days and they refused. Instead, they strongly requested that I just give them the combination to the lock and when I said no, they again insisted on seeing the home ASAP. Because I wasn’t being accommodating, they decided to call other agents to get access, so we decided we would not meet in the future after all. I wasn’t saying “no” to be a pain in the butt. Here are the reasons why appointments, especially the first appointment, need to be planned: Continue reading


Things to do in the Hudson Valley – Summer 2016

The Better Homes & Gardens Event Guide for Summer 2016 is available! If you are looking for something to do during the next few months, you might find it here. This issue includes events such as fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July, fairs, carnivals, outdoor movies and more.  Continue reading

Another real estate role – entomology

Real estate professionals have many roles, including appointment scheduler, contract guide, process explainer, house preparer, open house director, map reader, data analyst, negotiation guru, and on and on. I can now add a new function, that of an entomologist! An entomologist is one who studies bugs, and yesterday, I had to demonstrate my skill (or lack thereof). Continue reading

Some of the best conversations I’ve had, have occurred in my head

Growing up, I had to overcome a huge shyness problem. It took many decades of work before I was able to not only give presentations to hundreds of people, but on a personal level to be able to clearly share my thoughts and feelings. Decades ago, my inability to talk about issues may have gotten in the way of various relationships – if there was a problem,  I’d just hold in my unhappiness until I’d had enough and then I’d just give up. I might even have mentioned the thing that bothered me, but not in a direct, clear way that explained how serious whatever it was, was. However, those actions of my younger years were overcome by experience and wisdom and I eventually became quite capable of stating how I feel in a way that leaves no room for confusion. Continue reading