Looking at rental homes: up front requirements

I was speaking to a potential tenant about what was required prior to going out and looking at rental homes. In addition to discussing new home requirements and selecting homes to see, there are two documents that all tenants must provide before we start viewing homes. They are: Continue reading


Getting a rental home in Orange County, NY

I’m a full service real estate agent, assisting not only sellers and buyers, but also landlords and tenants. Because the need for rental properties continues to be strong all year long, any time is a perfect time to share the process for renting a home in Orange County NY.  Continue reading

New requirement for New York State landlords: sprinkler disclosure

A new law became effective December 3, 2014 in New York State.  This law requires landlords to include a disclosure in a rental lease about the sprinkler system status of an apartment.  This covers  not only landlords of large apartment type buildings, but landlords of one and two family rental property as well. The law is relevant for leases, sub-leases, renewal contracts and renewal leases. Continue reading

Info for Renters: Can I get a rental in the Winter?

I was showing properties to a rental client a few days ago, and she indicated there wouldn’t be a lot of new rentals coming on the market, since it was nearly Winter.   It’s a common misconception that sales of homes, and also rentals of homes, stop in the colder months between December and March.  However, that assumption is simply not true.  New rentals come on the market consistently, and people find the right rental homes all year round. Continue reading