House Sellers in Monroe NY: Your home still needed!

Dear Monroe NY Future House Seller:


This is an update to my post from a few weeks ago where I indicated available inventory was low. It’s even lower now! Right now buyers in Monroe NY have little choice when it comes to finding the right home. As can be seen by the below, inventory has significantly declined. Continue reading


HouseKat to sellers: correctly pricing your house for sale

One of the keys to a successful home sale is pricing the house properly from the get-go. The following explains the process that real estate agents follow to decide what to sell your house for…. Continue reading

Congratulations to my clients on their same-day sale and purchase!


I was incredibly lucky to work with a wonderful family this past year. They wanted to move from their three bedroom ranch in Middletown, NY to a larger home in the Goshen, NY area. Once they were truly ready to put their home on the market and search for a new home in earnest, we zoomed into action! Continue reading

HouseKat to future sellers in Monroe NY: Your house needed!

Dear Monroe NY Future House Seller:


Although any time you need to sell is a great time to list your home, right now buyers in Monroe NY have slim pickings. As can be seen by the below graph, inventory has significantly declined, and while only the last year is shown on this chart, with the exception of one month in early 2014, inventory levels haven’t been this low in five years. Continue reading

HouseKat’s tips for sellers, prior to selling

I was recently asked what improvements are worth making prior to putting a home on the market. The question didn’t have to do with staging per se, or decluttering, but with actual changes to the home that might be required. Every home is different, but the best way to answer that question is to provide insight into what buyers in my area are asking for, and how they react when out home searching: Continue reading

3rd Quarter 2015 Market Results for Hudson Valley NY

The Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty third quarter 2015 market results have been published for Westchester and Orange Counties as well as the rest of the Hudson Valley NY area.  The Orange County NY summary indicates that sales were strong and sales prices were mixed (some indicators were up and some not). Continue reading