Monroe, NY

Monroe, NY
Goose Pond, Monroe NY

Monroe is located in Orange County, NY.  The town of Monroe encompasses two villages: Monroe and Harriman.  While Monroe only equates to slightly less than 3% of Orange County in terms of square miles, it is the most populous town in the county, with over 31K residents.

Monroe is the home to the original Velveeta Cheese factory, and also the birthplace of Liederkranz cheese.  The town hosts an annual cheese festival in September to celebrate (see for more information).

Monroe provides plenty of shopping, restaurants, and enjoyable outside areas.  For example, the Goose Pond trail in the main square of Monroe provides a 1.6 mile loop for running, walking or biking.  The Orange Heritage rail trail is an 11 mile paved trail for running, walking, skating or biking

In Harriman, you can find the state’s second largest state park, with over 200 miles of hiking trails, 31 lakes, and beautiful vistas.  The park in partly in Orange county, and also in Rockland, so it is bigger than the 1 mile town of Harriman.  (

Quiet spot at Goose Pond, Monroe, NY
Quiet spot at Goose Pond, Monroe, NY

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